Welcome to the North Wales Library Web-site!  We provide library services for the community of North Wales, Pennsylvania and surrounding areas.  We are an independent library and a member of Access PA focused on providing quality, library services in a relaxed, friendly atmosphere.  In addition, the North Wales Library has designed several reading programs and book clubs for the local community.  Click on the links below to learn more about the treasures of North Wales!! 


Calendar of Events

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Hours of Operation:

     1:00pm     5:00pm
     7:00pm     9:00pm 
    10:00am    5:00pm
     7:00pm     9:00pm
     1:00pm     5:00pm
     7:00pm     9:00pm
     1:00pm     5:00pm
     7:00pm     9:00pm
     1:00pm     5:00pm
     9:00am     3:00pm


  Area served by our Library   



Staff :-

Dorothy Rorer         Director
Jayne Blackledge  Co-Director
Tim Clark                  Technology
Vicki Cresswell       Clerk
Ann Miller                 Clerk
Mike Greco               Clerk

Telephone Number 215 699 5410





























































































Home General Board Friends Group NW Book Club YA Book Club Students Little Bookworms New Arrivals Events Calendar Links