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Human Library 
Unjudge someone

April 1st from 11AM - 3PM


The Human Library is an international organization and movement that first started in Copenhagen, Denmark, in 2000. It aims to address people's prejudices by helping them to talk to those they would not normally meet. The Human Library® is, in the true sense of the word, a library of people. Readers can borrow human beings serving as open books and have conversations.

The purpose of the event is to challenge prejudice through respectful conversation. Community members will become living books  who have experienced prejudice due to issues such as race, sex, age, disability, sexual preference, gender identity, class, religion/belief, lifestyle choices or other aspects of who they are and  explain their personal experience with the readers.

Community members are encouraged to attend the event and read a variety of human books. Readers will finish the loan and return a book at anytime during the 30 minute session. Readers can only borrow one book at a time.

All of our human books are volunteers with personal experience with their topic.
The Human Library® is a place where difficult questions are expected, appreciated and answered.

Special Thanks to VNA for supporting the Human Library

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