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Children's Programs

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The North Wales Area Library offers fun, interesting, and educational programs to patrons of all ages.


Programs for children are in light blue boxes, programs for teens are in dark blue boxes, and programs for adults are in red boxes. The age range is also listed in the bottom right corner of the box.

See our other upcoming  programs below or view our calendar.

Board Game Meet-up

The board game group meets at the library once a month, on the third Saturday of every month! All ages are welcome to join up for a fun day of playing board games. No registration required, for more information contact

October 15th at 12pm


No registration required

All Ages

Evening Book Club

Our Evening Book Club meets on the third Tuesday of every month! If you are interested in registering contact Jayne at This month we will be discussing "Just Mercy" by Bryan Stevenson.

October 18th at 7pm


Book Review

If you are interested in registering contact Jayne at



Teen Book Club

The library is starting a teen book club for people ages 13-18! The first book we will be discussing is "Watch Over Me" by Nina LaCour. Join us for pizza and book discussion!

October 24th at 6pm

For Ages


Fiber Arts Group

Looking for help with a new pattern? Recently had an interest in learning a new technique? Just want to get together with like minded crafters? Join us here! Drop-ins welcome. For more info contact Barbara (1pm) at or Lauren (5pm) at

October 10th 1pm-?? & 5pm-6:45pm


Cooking Club

The Library is starting a Cooking Club! Contact Jayne to come in and pick out a recipe. This club is still looking for members! This month we will be discussing "Delicious Gatherings" by Tara Bench.

December 5th at 6pm


To Register: Email Jayne at


Daytime Book Club

Our Daytime Book Club meets on the fourth Wednesday of every month. If you are interested in registering contact Jayne at This month we will be discussing "The Mother's Promise" by Sally Hepworth

October 26th at 2pm


Dungeons & Dragons Club

A Dungeons and Dragons (D&D) group is meeting at the Library! This club will meet every other week on Saturdays. Before coming, please read through parts 1, 2, and 3 of the basics rules on DnDBeyond if you haven't already read the Player's Handbook. Please bring a pencil, a notebook, D&D dice set (if you have them), a copy of any 5th edition sourcebooks you'll be using (if you can), and your character sheet.

October 15th at 2pm


To register, email Adah at

For Ages

12 - 16

Blood Drive

The Red Cross will be hosting a Blood Drive at the library! Registration is currently required for all Red Cross Blood Drives, to register go to the Red Cross's website at

October 20th 1pm-6pm


Special Recurring Programs
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