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Reading List: Most Popular of 2022 -

These books are some of the most circulated & talked about children's books of 2022.

big shot.jpg

by Jeff Kinney

J Kinney


by Susie Hodge

J 92 Hokusai


by Stephanie Watson

J Watson

stuntboy in the meantime.jpg

by Jason Reynolds

J Reynolds GN

turtle in paradise.jfif

by Jennifer Holm

J Holm GN

barefoot dreams of petra luna.jpg

by Alda P. Dobbs

J Dobbs

dinosaurs before dark.jpg

by Mary Pope Osborne

J Osborne GN

katie the catsitter.jpg

by Colleen A. F. Venable

J Venable GN

playing the cards you're dealt.jpg

by Varian Johnson

J Johnson

summer of brave.jpg

by Amy Noelle Parks

J Parks

violets are blue.jpg

by Barbara Dee

J Dee

cat kid.jpg

by Dave Pilkey

J Pilkey GN

kitty quest.jpg

by Phil Corbett

J Corbett


by Traci N. Todd

J 92 Simone


by Lisa Fipps

J Fipps

too bright to see.jpg

by Kyle Lukoff

J Lukoff

what lives in the woods.jpg

by Lindsay Currie

J Currie

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