Libby/Overdrive Help

Should I use Libby or Overdrive?
Most patrons will want to use Libby. Libby and Overdrive offer the same services and book selection and are run by the same organization. The difference is that Libby is a newer and more accessible platform. Most common eBook devices (Kindle, smart phones, and tablets) will have a Libby app available in their app store. The app is completely free to download and use. Some Kindle devices do not have access to app stores, please see "How do I get eBooks on my Kindle device?" for information about these devices. If you are using an older device like a Nook, you may need to use Overdrive.
What book formats are available on Libby and Overdrive?
Both Libby and Overdrive offer a wide selection of eBooks and audio books. eBooks are formatted to allow readers to change text size and screen resolution for better access. Audio books have speed options available for better access.
Why do I get an error message when I try to log in with my library card number?
There are several situations that may prompt an error message when logging into an eBook platform. Solutions to these error messages depend on what library card you have.
  • For patrons with library card numbers beginning with "2239800-------":
    • Select "Montgomery County-Norristown" as your library district AND your home library. 
    • If you still receive an error message, contact the Montgomery County-Norristown Public Library and confirm that your account and eBook access are active. 
  • For patrons with library card numbers beginning with "2508400-------":
    • Select "Montgomery County-Norristown" as your library district then select "North Wales Area Library" as your home library.
    • If you still receive an error message, please email or call the North Wales Area Library to confirm that your account and eBook access are active.
How do I get eBooks on my Kindle device?
To get eBooks on a Kindle device that does not have an app store, log onto your Libby or Overdrive account on a smartphone or computer. Before browsing for a title, click on the "Preferences" menu and change the "Supports" option to "Kindle." Browse for a title and borrow. You will be prompted to log into your Amazon account to transfer the Kindle book to your account. Next, update or sync your kindle device, your eBook should appear on your device.
Do I need to return my eBooks? Are there overdue fines for eBooks?
No, you do not need to return your eBook and eBooks do not generate overdue fines. Once your loan has expired, the eBook will be removed from your device automatically.
Why are holds lists for certain titles so long?
Just like a physical book at the library, there are limited copies of each eBook title and many patrons who are waiting to read certain books. Please be patient waiting for popular titles. If you place a book on hold, once that hold has become available you will have three days to borrow it before it is passed on to the next person on the hold list. 
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