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About Us

North Wales Area Library (NWAL) is located in the heart of
North Wales Borough at
233 South Swartley Street. 


Starting in 1927, the library was housed in the basement of the North Wales Elementary School. In 2007, the North Penn School District gave notice to the library of their intent to reclaim the space the library occupied, therefore, necessitating the library to vacate their space at the elementary school and to move elsewhere in the borough. 


Over the eighty years at the school, the library’s collection of books, resources and materials outgrew its space.  As a result, the ability to keep and/or expand the free community programs was compromised, as well. The present building was purchased in 2008 and after a two-year renovation, the NWAL re-opened on January 4, 2010. 


All NWAL members enjoy free access to programs and activities.   


The librarians organize programs that include, but are not limited to children’s story times, computer and on-line access and training, adult health and education classes, thereby demonstrating leadership in the welfare of its members. All of these activities contribute to the local community’s work force skills, educational and health care levels, children’s guidance and increased ability to deal with the complexities of today’s society while continuing to teach all age groups the value and enjoyment of exploring the world through literature.


The NWAL is open 44 hours a week and has FREE membership. 


The North Wales Area Library is a vital part of the North Penn community and is moving forward with plans for an exciting future that will continue to meet the needs of area residents. The library has access to the PA inter-library loan program, which gives NWAL the ability to obtain any title for its members.

The North Wales Area Library is the official library of North Wales Borough and
Upper Gwynedd Township and services all of the North Penn School District municipalities.

Libraries store the energy that fuels the imagination.

Sidney Sheldon

Our Mission

By sharing information and providing opportunities for life-long learning, we enrich the lives of the communities that we serve.

A picture of the library sign with the library entrance in the background.
Our Mission

Our Staff

  • Sue: Circulation Specialist, Memberships

  • Helena: Circulation Assistant/Trainer

  • Ann: Circulation

  • Kelly: Circulation

  • Vicki: Circulation

  • Marge: Volunteer Circulation

  • Kay: Book Sale

  • Carol: Memberships Coordinator

A bench in a garden next to a wooden sign featuring a page from the book "Ruby's Birds"

Our Board of Directors

  • Suzan Leonard: President - Term: 2025

  • Jackie Oberholtzer: Vice President - Term: 2025

  • Hailey Nelson: Treasurer - Term: 2025

  • Pam Wilson: Secretary - Term: 2024

  • Jocelyn Tenney: Member - Term: 2026

  • Pam Gallagher: Member - Term: 2026

  • Stephen Simchak: Member - Term: 2024

  • Joye Bramble: Member - Term: 2024

  • Scott Cunningham: Member - Term: 2025

  • Tanya Bamford: Member - Term: 2026

  • Jennifer DiMario: Member - Term: 2026

The Friends of the North Wales Library


The Friends of the North Wales Library is a charitable organization of individuals, businesses and service groups who value the social, intellectual, and civic benefits the Library brings to our community. Friends support the Library through donations, volunteerism and publicity, seeking always to bring Library needs to the attention of the community and community needs to the attention of the Library. In past years, funds raised by the group through grant applications, donations and special events have been used for Library furnishings, signage, lighting, and special programs.


All that is required to become a Friend is demonstration of a sincere commitment to the Library through a financial contribution and/or a willingness to donate your time and talents to support the Library and its activities.


The Friends Board of Directors meets on the second Wednesday of every month in the Library Community Rooms to plan and monitor activities. All Friends are welcome to attend these meetings. Please bring your ideas and enthusiasm, and pitch in.


Note: Friends of the North Wales Library is a 501(c)(3) organization. Your contributions are tax deductible, and may be eligible for matching by your employer.


To join the Friends of the North Wales Library, please complete and submit this membership form.

We Need Your Support Today!

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