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Reading List: Expand Your Horizons-
Young Adult

Books are both windows and mirrors. The mirrors allow us to see our experiences reflected back at us and windows allow us a glimpse into the lives of people are different from us.


Ace of Spades.jpg

by Faridah Àbíké-Íyímídé

YA Àbíké-Íyímídé

Boys I Know.jpg

by Anna Gracia

YA Gracia

Every Variable of Us.jpg

by Charles A. Bush

YA Bush

I must betray you.jpg

by Ruta Sepetys

YA Sepetys

Monsters Born and Made.jpg

by Tanvi Berwah 

YA Berwah

the red palace.jpg

by June Hur

YA Hur

skin of the sea.jpg

by Natasha Bowen

YA Bown

Unbroken cover

by Marieke Nijkamp

YA Nijkamp

We Are Not Free cover

by Traci Chee

YA Chee

the weight of blood.jpg

by Tiffany D. Jackson

YA Jackson

All My Rage.jpg

by Sabaa Tahir

YA Tahir

Burn Down Rise Up.jpg

by Vincent Tirado

YA Tirado

Flip the script.jpg

by Lyla Lee

YA Lee

My Mechanical Romance.jpg

by Alexene Farol Fullmuth

YA Fullmuth

right where i left you.jpg

by Julian Winters

YA Winters

This is My America cover

by Kim Johnson

YA Johnson


by Ivelisse Housman

YA Housman

We Are Not From Here cover

by Jenny Torres Sanchez

YA Sanchez

Wild and Crooked cover

by Leah Thomas

YA Thomas

An Arrow to the Moon.jpg

by Emily X. R. Pan

YA Pan

Love Radio.jpg

by Ebony LaDelle

YA LaDella

night of the raven dawn of the dove.jpg

by Rati Mehrotra

YA Mehrotra

A show for two.jpg

by Tashie Bhuiyan

YA Bhuiyan

This Place 150 Years Retold cover

by Kateri Akiwenze-Damm

YA Akiwenze-Damm GN

We are inevitable cover

by Gayle Forman

YA Forman

we deserve monuments.jpg

by Jas Hammonds

YA Hammonds

you truly assumed.jpg

by Laila Sabreen

YA Sabreen


The 57 Bus cover

by Dashka Slater

YA 364.15 Slater

Being Jazz cover

by Jazz Jennings

YA 92 Jennings

How Dare the Sun Rise cover

by Sandra Uwiringitimana

YA 92 Uwiringiyimana

The Pretty One cover

by Keah Brown

YA 616.83 Brown

the times i knew i was gay.jpg

by Eleanor Crewes

YA 92 Crewes GN

The ABCs of LGBT+ cover

by Ashley Mardell

YA 306.76 Mardell

Brave face cover

by Shaun David Hutchinson

YA 92 Hutchinson

The Letter Q cover

by Sarah Moon

YA 306.7 Moon

The Reason I Jump cover

by Baoki Higashida

YA 616.85 Higashida

This Book is Gay cover

by Juno Dawson

YA 306.76 Dawson

The Beautiful Struggle cover

by Ta-Nehisi Coates

YA 305.89 Coates

Dragon hoops cover

by Gene Luen Yang

YA 92 Yang GN

Lifting as We Climb cover

by Evette Dionne

YA 323.34 Dionne

Stamped cover

by Jason Reynolds

YA 305.8 Reynolds

Undeated by Steven Sheinkin cover

by Steve Sheinkin

YA 796.32 Sheinkin

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